Sunny Side Park Engagement: Ji-eun + Michael

Ji-eun + Michael's Engagement Photoshoot: Aug. 12, 2015

I set the date for Ji-eun and Michael's engagement photoshoot last spring, but we had to postpone it until mid. August because of his a leg injury. He broke his leg during hockey game.

I really appreciate his enthusiastic attitude in spite of his injury! :)

Love natural light! It was the Golden hour!

Korean Church Wedding: Sunjung + Inpyung

Sunjung and Inpyung: April 18, 2015

It was nice weather for the Wedding day, and the stained glass of church brought in beautiful natural light.

Sunjung and Inpyung had an informal and simple wedding ceremony at church because they are going to have another bigger wedding in Korea this December. So, I took photos of wedding ceremony only. 

Sunjung has great friends who did everything for her wedding such as hair, make-up, flowers, and even wedding dress! Her friend designed and made the wedding dress! It was pretty!

They also used the engagement photos I took for their welcome table. It was beautiful! :)

I hope Sunjung and Inpyung have a great and beautiful wedding in Korea.